Mutilated Hand Injuries | Norman Weinzweig | Chicago Hand Surgeon

Mutilating injuries of the hand pose a challenge for both the patient and a Chicago hand surgeon such as Norman Weinzweig. In many cases, these are devastating injuries resulting from industrial, agricultural or power tool accidents. Often, these accidents present as incomplete or complete amputations of the thumb, fingers, hand or arm. These injuries involve multiple structures including bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, arteries, veins, nerves and soft tissues. The key concerns in mutilated hand injury patients are salvageability of the mutilated hand followed by repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Mutilated hand injuries are a life-changing event requiring a comprehensive team approach providing highly individualized treatment and requiring multiple staged surgical procedures and a prolonged rehabilitation process. This will entail a multidisciplinary team approach including the hand surgeon, occupational therapist, employer, nurse case manager, psychologist and patient.

Following a thorough physical examination from a Chicago hand surgeon, including the ABC’s of establishing an adequate Airway, Breathing and Circulation, detailed documentation and systematic classification of the traumatic mutilated hand injury is performed.

From the time the patient enters the Emergency Department, it is crucial that the patient be treated by an experienced hand surgeon familiar in dealing with mutilated hand injuries. Dr. Norman Weinzweig is one of the most respected and talented hand surgeons having tremendous experience at several major Level I Trauma Centers in dealing with these patients over the past 25 years.

– About Norman Weinzweig –

Norman Weinzweig, Chicago Hand Surgeon, is Double Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery. As the Founder of the Chicago Institute for Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation in Chicago, Illinois, Norman Weinzweig specializes in the treatment of fingertip injuries, hand injuries, multiple digit replantations and mutilated hand injuries. He has published over 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 38 book chapters, 87 scientific abstracts, 5 educational videotapes, and over 250 regional, national and international presentations. He also co-edited the 650-page textbook THE MUTILATED HAND that has a comprehensive focus solely on the acute management and post-traumatic reconstruction of devastating hand injuries.