Work Related Hand Injuries | Norman Weinzweig | Chicago Hand Surgeon

Work injuries to the hand, fingers or arm are extremely common and can range from a simple injury such as a strain to a more complex injury such as an amputation. Norman Weinzweig, Chicago Hand Surgeon, is one of the leading medical providers for hand services among City of Chicago workers. These workers include policemen and firefighters, industrial and agricultural workers, airport personnel, construction workers, steel workers, machinists, chefs, butchers and all other types of workers. Norman Weinzweig is widely recognized by his medical peers and by his patients for a consistent track record over the past 25 years for restoring work related hand injuries to full function.

At The Chicago Institute for Hand Surgery & Rehabilitation, founded by Norman Weinzweig, we emphasize a comprehensive team approach to the treatment of all work related hand injuries and finger injuries. Acute trauma such as fingertip injuries, flexor and extensor tendon lacerations, fractures of the bones, nerve problems as well as more complex industrial, agricultural and power tool accidents are treated at the time of injury or usually within 24 hours, depending on the nature of the injury. Emergency surgery is provided for the most severe work related hand injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s Disease, De Quervain’s Syndrome, burn wounds, scarring, contractures, tendonitis, trigger finger and other repeated stress injuries are evaluated and treated non-surgically or surgically.

Comprehensive treatment for patients is supported by occupational therapy services provided at our offices by experienced occupational therapists, including Certified Hand Therapists (CHT’s). Patients are scheduled for office appointments with Norman Weinzweig, MD or an occupational therapist. Independent Medical Evaluations (IME’s) or Second Opinions are conveniently scheduled, usually within 48-72 hours. Referrals are made, as needed, for Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) or Work Conditioning Programs. Employer work status forms are completed at the office visit and faxed to the employer and nurse case manager that same day.

Norman Weinzweig and The Chicago Institute for Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation approach all work related hand injuries with care and a prompt response. Rapid and proper hand injury management by a Chicago Hand Surgeon allows workers to return to work and daily life as soon as possible.

– About Norman Weinzweig –

Dr. Norman Weinzweig is an experienced Chicago Hand Surgeon who founded The Chicago Institute for Hand Surgery & Rehabilitation, a major state-of-the-art referral center for patients from Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas. His cases range from simple hand conditions treated non-operatively to very complex multi-staged surgeries, such as replantation of amputated fingers and hands that require microsurgical expertise. He is recognized as an accomplished hand specialist and is frequently consulted by his peers for his clinical experience and expertise in the acute and chronic care of severely traumatized work related hand injuries.


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